Content services

VST's content writing team specializes in providing relevant content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience and requires a different type and level of content. It should contain keywords that can attract and retain users on a website.


Writing content using smart keywords helps focusing on search engine optimization techniques. This means the text written by us contain relevant keywords and phrases that are most likely to be entered by users in web searches associated with the actual site for better search engine indexing and ranking. The main objective of using search engine optimization techniques is to entice and engage visitors, so they continue browsing on the website. This operates on the premise that longer a visitor stays on a particular site, the greater the likelihood they will eventually become clients or customers and hence contribute to business growth.

VST uses 3 major tricks of search engine optimization techniques while writing content for a website.

  • Keyword Research: researching keywords that already have a SEO presence before writing content. Write content using keywords that people will search or look for
  • Keyword Optimization: knowing when or where to use the correct keywords for search maximization
  • Content Organization: Logical representation of information in the website so that it is user friendly and enables frequent visitors. The more frequent the visitors and longer the stay, the better it is for the website.

VST's content writing team rightly focus on content acceptance among the website viewers. Website should be informative and should immediately convey the main theme at the beginning itself. We choose a simple, impersonal style of writing as readers are not interested in judging our scholarship and we may have 15 seconds to grab a visitor's attention..

Some of the best practices VST has put in place are
1. Using keywords effectively
2. Clear titles no jargons or slang used
3. Be precise and concise while defining a product
4. Quantity- number of words as defined
5. Quality- Maintain the first write-up policy, no scope for re-work