Email and Chat Services

Description of Service: E-mail and Chat has now become the primary means of data transmission and customer relationship management. It is one of the cheapest and yet effective source, since this does not have the barriers of understanding one' s accent and also there is a very positive rating on the customer experience metrics.


An Email and Chat support program runs with an understanding on the following parameters and that determines how safe is our customer are when they work with VST

  • SLA's recorded
    • ASA
    • AHT
  • FMR/FCR and many more
  • Delivery requirements
  • Service hours
  • Location
  • IT Capacity Planning
  • Contingency Plan
  • Man power recruitment (Production Team and KSP’s)
  • Training- FLT and PLT
  • OJT and Transition
  • Knowledge base articles/FAQ database
  • Production Consolidation
  • MIS Process Implementation- Report Distribution
  • Amendments/Supplements for Production or MIS processes
  • Nominate SPOC and implement the Escalation Procedure